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10 Essential Camping Items You Should Consider Investing In

August 19, 2020

Whether you are a new or seasoned camper you should always get a checklist of the things you’re going to need. In this article, we’re going to give you a rundown of what you should consider packing and if you don’t have these – don’t worry. We’re going to cover some of our top favorite camping accessories that we think you’ll love.

Also, keep reading and download our FREE camping checklist below.

10. Cooler

Coolers come in different shapes and sizes and they also have different perks. Some will come with extending handles with wheels or, for those with decent biceps you can carry it (whichever you prefer). Many will have built-in drink carriers and even double as a seat! Keep in mind that not all coolers are made equally.

For groups of 5+, we recommend The Coleman Cooler | Xtreme 70 Quart Cooler. It has built-in cup holders and can hold up to 250lbs – one less camping chair to pack!

If you are by yourself or with just a couple of other people we recommend a lighter option like the AO Cooler. It’s made of a durable soft material and can hold up to 48 cans and up to 15 pounds of ice. It’s easier to tote with the built-in shoulder straps and is ideal for those who plan to be out for only 24 hours.

9. Tents

For those who are camping with family longer than a few days, we recommend a larger tent like the Coleman Montana which (Sleeps 8 people) 16×7 ft., and can fit a queen-size bed in, has storage pockets, a hinged door that swings open which includes an awning and is lightweight, water-resistant, and weatherproof, easy to assemble in just 15 minutes this is the tent for you.

8. Sleeping Bag

It’s easy to overpack and get weighed down with all your supplies. Our tip is to keep it as light as possible if you plan on hiking to your campsite. Also, getting a decent sleeping bag is pretty easy since there are hundreds to choose from! Our recommendation is anything lightweight and durable enough to take on any season. The SOULOUT sleeping bag is a great choice, for example. It’s for children and adults plus, everyone can choose the color they prefer. The first time we went camping it rained! (of course, that would happen) so mud ended up everywhere! Get a sleeping bag that can be wiped off easily until you’re able to take it home and get it washed. The SOULOUT sleeping bag is machine washable. Check it out here.

7. Portable Battery Charger

One of the best things to be invented in the last decade is the portable battery pack. They can keep your devices charged while out and about when there aren’t any plugs around. Most battery packs can hold more than one charge and depending on the mAH you can get several charges out of your battery. When you get home be sure to charge it. Then it will be ready for your next outing. If you want something really cool we recommend getting the YOESOID Solar Charger. Like it says in the title it can charge outdoors under the sun and holds up to 20K mAH. That’s good for at least 4 charges and can charge two devices simultaneously at once. What devices? It can charge most smartphones, digital cameras, Go-Pros, and smaller tablets. This one in particular waterproof comes with two LED lights and can clip to your backpack.

6. Lanterns & Flashlights

When the sun goes down you will want a dependable light. This Etekcity LED Camping Lantern comes as 2 pack with Batteries included and includes 30 individual low consumption bulbs carrying 360 degrees light while saving light. It’s long-lasting and easy to operate.
Expand or collapse to turn it on and off and to adjust the light you want. It is compact and lightweight which allows us to take the lantern on the go with ease taking up little space. It’s designed for convenience when you go camping, hiking, or night walking, or power outages. It has a storage compartment in the top of the light for extra batteries.

Check it out.

This HAUSBELL Flashlight, a well know brand recognized by Amazon and millions of customers are small and has smooth zoom from wide to angle beam will reach out up to 200 meters compact enough to fit into your pocket or purse. Its weather, water & shock resistance made of sturdy heavy solid metal. It’s perfect for use in rain, snow, emergencies, ideal for use around the house, dog walking, camping, hiking, or fishing. It has 3 adjustable light modes (light, dim, or flash) It’s powered by one AA battery or one 14500 battery. Come in 2 Pack or 4 Pack.

Check it out.

5. First Aid Kit

We recommend this First Aid Kit 100 piece small First Aid Kit of Camping, Backpacking, ravel, Vehicle, Outdoors-Emergency & Medical Supplies. Equipped to suit your needs for a large variety of injuries. Durable & compact (7.5 x 5.2″ x1.5″) Its easy to carry and lightweight, yet holds all the essential supplies. Make sure you store it in a place so you will have it wherever you go. It’s manufactured with the finest equipment, you can be sure of first aid contents that will not let you down.

4. Compass and/or Map

We suggest Sharp Survival Best Camping Survival Compass

This is a new version of the old fashioned Copper Compass that features a 360-degree rotation bezel for easy navigation & orientation. Compass glows in the dark making it easy to read in all weather at any time. Never be left to guess which way is North in the dark. Compass is compact and convenient making it ideal for adults and kids. A great looking compass that plain works! and perfect size with accurate readings.

3. Firestarter

Swiss Safe 5-in-1 Fire Starter with Compass, Paracord, and Whistle (2 Pack) for Emergency Survival Kits, Camping, Hiking, All-Weather Magnesium Ferro Rod. Start fires in any weather conditions, over 16k strikes at 5,500F with Magnesium Rod. It’s a unique design, compact and lightweight: It is more reliable than matches or lighters, weighs less than 2 ounces, 5″ long.

2. Eating Utensils Sets Camping

We recommend Camping Dish Set 26 Pieces Dinnerware Set with Camping Plates Cups and Bowls Eating Utensils, 4 Person Backpacking Gear with carrying Case, and Large Beach Blanket. Light And Durable Camping dish set made of PP Plastic, BPA free. Microwave Safe and Dishwasher safe. The carrying case has enough space to hold tableware, a picnic mat, and some camping accessories.
Ideal for beaches, hiking, backpacking, school camps, family vacations.

1. Camping Cookware & Stove

REDCAMP 9/12/18/23 PLC Camping Cookware Mess Kit with Kettle, Aluminum Lightweight Folding Campings Pots, and Pans Set for 1/2/3/4 Person Lightweight/Mini Size Cookware set great for backpacking. High quality REDCAMP anodized aluminum pot and frying pan makes it easy to clean. It includes 12 pieces including the frying pan, & pot with handles Stainless Steel folding spoons & Osford Bag. 12 Camping kit all fit in a space-saving Osford Bag.

Camping Stove

If you’re not comfortable cooking on the campfire we suggest the Jetboil MightyMo Ultralight and compact Camping and Backpacking Stove. Like its name, it is very lightweight and can bring your water to boil in just three minutes with half the fuel vs the traditional camp stove. Keep in mind it doesn’t automatically come with fuel so you’ll need to pick up a canister before heading out. The Jetboil also happens to have a four-turn regulator that offers incremental heat adjustments for simmering, sauteing, and boiling.

Eugene Cook

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